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Hey people, not sure who's gonna read this, but I'm planning a new album.  The title is hesistantly Echo Network and I already have some songs mostly done for it, you can check them out on or here when I upload them.

The one thing that's really preventing me from completion however is my lack of vocals.  I'd really like to have a vocalist on this album, but don't know anyone that can write lyrics and sing them for me.  So if anyone is interested please shoot me a message.  I prefer female singers, but gender is not really that important.

The genre will be sort of pop industrial, a lot of 8-bit influences in the melody, chord progressions, and sounds.

Thank you for reading this, if anyone reads this ^_^

With Love,



2012-05-06 02:30:52 by PainasaurusRex

New song up, Scars, you should all check it out. Not sure what else to say, to tired and not sober ^_^".

With Love,


2011-05-06 04:43:57 by PainasaurusRex

So usually I get atleast on review per two songs. That's how it was, until recently. In my 16 most recent songs, there are 3 reviews. Maybe my music isn't deserving of a review, but I just wish someone would say it to my face... well, "face". Oh well.

As far as personal life goes, I'm depressed, moody, back on Adderall, upset, and writing glitchcore. Don't feel any need to go into any more detail.

venting frustration

2011-05-02 05:52:53 by PainasaurusRex

Nothing I do is worth a damn,
Not while my heart is incomplete
It's just the way I fucking am.

I can't focus, I can't really think
All my thoughts are falling flat
I just wish I had my missing link

Lately I've been like glue,
I used to be liquid and flowing,
Now I'm just solid and unmoving.
I was stuck to an oil surface,
Stuck to skin waiting for removal.

I wish I knew what to say,
What to do, what to think.
All the thoughts race through my head,
Useless thoughts, wishful and dead.
Hoping like lead, falling to hell.

No more dreams left for me,
No more happy thoughts for my dreams.
I'm haunted by nightmares,
Fleeting glimpse of what I lost.

No need to rhyme or reason,
I just need to let it all out,
I dwell to long on this,
And it will dwell like an aura--on me.

Giving everyone my fake smile,
Something I was never good at.
They can see straight through it,
but I'm just tired and homesick.
But I'm sick of my home,
and I'm much to tired to be just.
I'm no longer like me,
Just a clone of me without it's soul.

Like a twinge, my heart aches.
Like a candle, my love will die out.
Like it or not, she's gone,
Looks like hers was a shorter whick.

A promise of the world is not enough,
It's like a small bonus on a smaller prize.
I feel like giving up, and breaking down,
My strength is burning out.

My mental muscles are now dead weight,
They all just sit there and laugh at my fate.
The cruel bastards are pressing on me,
The cruel bastards laugh at me.
They bring tears to my eyes because of three words.
They keep bring up those three words.
Over and over again, they cycle through my head.
The three words that confuse me.
They hold me in hope, but feel dead as stone,
I'm held by three simple words that won't let go.
On a green slip of paper they pull and pull,
I love you-- is all she wrote.

Weird Music and Lyrics

2011-04-16 02:30:50 by PainasaurusRex

Blah, I've been writting really weird music lately. It's helping my writer's block, but it's not that good of music. I've just been messing with weird things. Like Shookuh and 26. Their just kind of weird songs. I don't think anyone really likes them, but oh well. I've also been writing lyrics, but I don't think I'm very good at it, but here's something I thought of as lyrics for the song Breaking Bells. Think of them as a rap style speed, but less black rapper, more 5' 4" white kid.

1 2 3 now come with me,
All of earth will soon be set free,
1 2 3 now your dead like me,
In hell your treated just like me.

Relax, no reason to fear,
Let go of all that you hold dear.
Money doesn't matter at all down here,
No one cares about your last fiscal year.

Just face the facts,
You've come in last,
Your life wasn't fill with kind acts,
Actually, it appears you really slacked.
(The last one needs work, let me know if you have a better way to say the same thing)

1 2 3 now fly with me,
See all the people down on their knees,
Fighting to be set free,
I mean, that is their destiny.

Right now they seem forsaken,
That is, until they are taken.
To a higher plane where god doth dwell,
Everyone will eventually leave this hell.

1 2 3 now back to me.
Time to get rid of all that selfish greed,
In molten gold you'll cry and plead,
But after a while you will succeed.

Down here with me you'll wait,
Until we remove the trait,
Each deadly sin they'll eventually take,
They'll do this until your final day.

It's not the end of the line,
Just a bump in the track,
You'll leave here better then fine,
With a mind that's intact.
(Repeat 5x)

Because it's 1 2 3 now you're dead like me
Burning in hell for an eternity

Because it's 1 2 3 come fly with me,
Watch all the sinner's as the burn and bleed
(Repeat 2x)

In hell you'll wait,
For your time to leave,
It's destiny or fate,
you'll just have to wait and see.

(Then some thing until the end)

So there you go. Tell me what you think and please help with anything you don't like, and I'll be as judgmental as possible against you.


Album is downloadable

2011-04-02 00:44:40 by PainasaurusRex

Anyone want a free album? Also, no longer April Fools so I have no reason to mislead you :D

So this is my album that's basically a compilation of my favorite/best songs for you guys to download. I don't know how many people actually check it out, but if you do, please download it :D

Prog House #2

2011-03-24 18:44:23 by PainasaurusRex

Well, I'm releasing a lot of new songs. You should check it out.

Prex out.

Prog House

2011-03-18 16:58:03 by PainasaurusRex

Welp, I'm getting moar and moar into prog house, and I love writing it for some reason. So I'll be probably making more songs that are of that genre for a little while. Check out my new song Psi and you'll see what I mean. It's not really done, but it's really close. I consider 4 minutes at least reasonable for a song.

Game Boy Awesomeness

2011-03-15 16:50:26 by PainasaurusRex

So here's the deal, I plan on getting some equipment for this new stuff I'll be doing. It'll cost about 50$ or so, so it'll be a little bit before I have the money. However, I plan on buying a gameboy cartridge that I can put a rom on and then put it into my gameboy color and I'll be able to play that rom on the actual gameboy. Also, need to mod my gameboy so the sound is better, get a little more bass out of it. Finally, I need to buy Little Sound DJ, for 2$ so I can have a legitimate copy. Finally, I'll need a cord connecting from the gameboy to the computer, but that's cheap, and I might have one. So it'll be awesome. :D


2011-03-14 01:19:15 by PainasaurusRex

beep beep boop.

Nightway is... underway, and it's going well. I just added the solo, a couple seconds of 8-bit craziness. It's good. However, it's taking a while, and if you're reading this, I'd appreciate it if you could help me out by checking it out and telling me what I should do.