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Planning a New Album and looking for Vocalist

2014-02-07 01:53:07 by PainasaurusRex

Hey people, not sure who's gonna read this, but I'm planning a new album.  The title is hesistantly Echo Network and I already have some songs mostly done for it, you can check them out on or here when I upload them.

The one thing that's really preventing me from completion however is my lack of vocals.  I'd really like to have a vocalist on this album, but don't know anyone that can write lyrics and sing them for me.  So if anyone is interested please shoot me a message.  I prefer female singers, but gender is not really that important.

The genre will be sort of pop industrial, a lot of 8-bit influences in the melody, chord progressions, and sounds.

Thank you for reading this, if anyone reads this ^_^

With Love,



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2014-03-09 23:58:05

It's been a while since I've checked in. Best of luck on finding that vocalist! I hope to hear this album in the near future.

PainasaurusRex responds:

Woah, long time no see, and I've found some good accapellas but nothing on a vocalist. Thank you for your support OL haha