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Posted by PainasaurusRex - May 6th, 2011

So usually I get atleast on review per two songs. That's how it was, until recently. In my 16 most recent songs, there are 3 reviews. Maybe my music isn't deserving of a review, but I just wish someone would say it to my face... well, "face". Oh well.

As far as personal life goes, I'm depressed, moody, back on Adderall, upset, and writing glitchcore. Don't feel any need to go into any more detail.

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What are you wearing?

:O... :|... :O... I have no idea how to respond to that, other then saying that I'm wearing clothing.

I hate giving advice, because it makes me feel like I have some fucking clue. I don't.

By PM, I meant ask the author of music you enjoy or with a sound you are trying to get a grasp on, how they did it. Music doesn't change without someone else's touch, or without someone taking a sound they enjoy and making it their own. No artist should ever keep their discoveries to themselves, unless they want to cash in on them. That is what I meant.

I asked you to delete it because I have no room to talk. I just finished listening to your latest Hardstyle 68, and thought you had great talent. I am a firm believer in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", though that future is not for me.

Outie 5000

You shouldn't worry about giving advice, because I can tell that you know more then you give yourself credit for. And I have so many artists I try to emulate that I just bounce between them. Muse, Rainbowdragoneyes, Skrillex, and Deadmau5 are my primary influences. But your right, I need to keep learning and listening. And I deleted it as you asked because I wanted to respect you. Thank you for listening to my song, haha, and I'm glad you like it :). Finally, I agree, Bill and Ted had a message that they spread through that movie :D.

Thank you again, this has really cheered me up :D

Just left a review on a track you apparently did a while back. "Feel The Bass (WIP)". Not like there's a lot to the review... Though I know the feeling, what you briefly describe in this post of yours. I think every artist knows that feeling at some point or another... you know, that feeling of being on adderall. Hey, I partly I agree with groundpwndr, but having said that, I try to leave as many reviews as I can, which is almost as many songs as I have posted. Don't feel bad. I feel bad because I think what I like in music will never be, uh, "mainstream"(?) - and it kind of slows me down, but I guess it hasn't stopped me.

Wow this is an old post. You should make a new so as not to trick idiots like me into writing stuff that may not matter.

And that's that.

Lol, I don't go on here much anymore because of the new layout making it hard to check for new Comments, but thank you for reviewing my songs ^_^