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Weird Music and Lyrics

2011-04-16 02:30:50 by PainasaurusRex

Blah, I've been writting really weird music lately. It's helping my writer's block, but it's not that good of music. I've just been messing with weird things. Like Shookuh and 26. Their just kind of weird songs. I don't think anyone really likes them, but oh well. I've also been writing lyrics, but I don't think I'm very good at it, but here's something I thought of as lyrics for the song Breaking Bells. Think of them as a rap style speed, but less black rapper, more 5' 4" white kid.

1 2 3 now come with me,
All of earth will soon be set free,
1 2 3 now your dead like me,
In hell your treated just like me.

Relax, no reason to fear,
Let go of all that you hold dear.
Money doesn't matter at all down here,
No one cares about your last fiscal year.

Just face the facts,
You've come in last,
Your life wasn't fill with kind acts,
Actually, it appears you really slacked.
(The last one needs work, let me know if you have a better way to say the same thing)

1 2 3 now fly with me,
See all the people down on their knees,
Fighting to be set free,
I mean, that is their destiny.

Right now they seem forsaken,
That is, until they are taken.
To a higher plane where god doth dwell,
Everyone will eventually leave this hell.

1 2 3 now back to me.
Time to get rid of all that selfish greed,
In molten gold you'll cry and plead,
But after a while you will succeed.

Down here with me you'll wait,
Until we remove the trait,
Each deadly sin they'll eventually take,
They'll do this until your final day.

It's not the end of the line,
Just a bump in the track,
You'll leave here better then fine,
With a mind that's intact.
(Repeat 5x)

Because it's 1 2 3 now you're dead like me
Burning in hell for an eternity

Because it's 1 2 3 come fly with me,
Watch all the sinner's as the burn and bleed
(Repeat 2x)

In hell you'll wait,
For your time to leave,
It's destiny or fate,
you'll just have to wait and see.

(Then some thing until the end)

So there you go. Tell me what you think and please help with anything you don't like, and I'll be as judgmental as possible against you.



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