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Posted by PainasaurusRex - December 11th, 2010

So, after looking at someone elses profile. Making me feel like a stalker or something, I noticed that he mentioned googling himself and found out he was in a youtube video. I laughed and tried it. Upside, I was the top thing when googling DJ Prex, bad news, someone else is apparently DJ Prex, though he's not famous so if I goto the government I might be able to copyright the name, also, Prex is aparrantly a 32-bit operating system. Found that interesting.

As far as posting music goes, I have nothing really being worked on. Writers block I believe they call it. I have lyrics now, but I lack the skill to put music to it. -sigh- If only. Anyway, I have a couple songs started, but nothing I feel is ready to be posted, most of them were abandoned anyway.

In other news, college is hard and so is programming (my major currently). I'm thinking about switching to a music major and start writting music for movies or games or something. Also, on a note about programming, I'm thinking about making a game using Valves Source Engine. Trying to figure out how much it costs to buy, then I'll consider putting together a team of programmers from college that need experience and have no other way of obtaining it (muhahahaha).

Recently entered in OpenLights Solo contest. He PM'd me saying my music is awesome, so I need to write a song for him. Hopefully, if you're reading this, you already checked it out, cause if you are, you're probably stalking me, or something. Though I have no idea how favorite artist works, so maybe you recieve an e-mail or something and it isn't as creepy as I think it is open-light O.o... Anyway, I'm hoping to win (though isn't everyone). Personally felt competition was slim. Though I'm narcissistic like that and a music snob so w/e. Good luck to all enteries though.

That basically sums up my life. Any questions, PM me, I'm more likely to get them... Probably.

Also, the fact that I joined the competetion was pure luck, I hadn't checked Newgrounds in a while so if it had happened inbetween there, I probably wouldn't have noticed. Oh well, luck favors the bold or some shit.